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Essay Typer and How It Helps Students Get through College

Have you ever stared at the deadline of an essay, wondering how in the world you could finish writing a 4,000-word paper in just two hours? It seems impossible, doesn’t it? Sure, if you suddenly found out you were a wizard with the ability to slow time, maybe you could manage to reach your deadline – but we live in the real world, where Gandalf is not real and we have to write our essays ourselves.

Or do we? As a student, you probably asked yourself several times “who can I ask to write my paper?” The thought that you’ll have to pay a lot of money for that doesn’t suit your fancy too much either; you are a poor student, your money is limited. Thankfully, however, nowadays we have been presented with the wonders of the Essay Typer.

What is the Essay Typer?

Essay Typer is a free paper generator that can provide you with an essay in just a matter of seconds. You choose the domain in which you need your essay – for example, American Architecture – and then you start typing. You don’t have to type anything logical; you won’t even have to type any actual words, as a matter of fact. You will simply have to hit the keyboard letters and the phrases will start forming by themselves.

Unlike your average essay writing service, this one does not offer you the essay after some time has passed – but you can see it exactly as it types. It is generally a convenient choice for students that need an essay really fast, but still want to customize it themselves.

The Benefits of Essay Typer for Students

So, why would you use the Essay Typer in favor of your standard writing service during college? Are there actually any advantages that you may reap from using these services? Well, yes, there are – and depending on your point of view, they may be quite helpful. Here is why.

  1. They Are Customizable

When you ask for someone else to write your essay in a classical manner, you will receive your paper already finished to a tee. There won’t be much that you can do about it – except maybe add a few sentences here and there. However, when it comes to the Essay Typer, you will see the paper as it is being written – and this way, you should be able to edit it in any way that feels convenient to you.

  • They Are Very Fast

Let’s say that you have a deadline in a couple of hours. Under normal circumstances, these types of projects would take days to finish – and it will take at least 24 hours until you receive the paper. However, if you are being productive enough and don’t procrastinate, it can take you as much as 2 or 3 hours. It is the perfect choice for you if you are battling with a tight deadline.

  • They Are Plagiarism-Free

When using the Essay Typer, you might be concerned that the resulting papers are plagiarized. However, thanks to the auto-generation system, the papers generated are mostly plagiarism-free. Regardless of the service that provides this essay typer, you will also receive a guarantee that says your paper will be original.

  • They Help You Learn

They say that the best way for a student to learn is for them to type. When you purchase the paper in a traditional manner, chances are that you won’t even have the chance to study it. Even if you do, you will likely only read it once or twice – after which you’ll leave the rest to luck.

With the Essay Typer, on the other hand, this is not that big of an issue – mostly because you will be typing and reading as you go. It will be much easier for you to process that information – as well as learn it like you would your own essay.

Final Thoughts

The Essay Typer is a very convenient tool that can help you, as a student, pass through all of your exams – all while learning something while you do sp. It is not like your average writing service, where you are presented with the final paper – but the service will write it for you, all while making it seem like you are the one writing it.

The Best Way to Use the Essay Typer

In college, you will give a lot of essay writing assignments. These assignments can be frustrating and annoying that it takes a lot of time, and study to come up with useful content. You can save yourself the stress of writing an essay with the use of the essay typer. You can get a unique and high-quality piece with an essay typer. In this post, we have provided some helpful tips on how to use the essay typer for your college essay assignments.

  1. I Pay Someone to Write My Paper and Formulate the Essay Title

Whenever your instructor gives you a topic to write on. Type the text on the essay typer. In a short time, you will get resources contents on the subject. The software uses the keyword to search for relevant write-ups on the topic. Then use the content as a guide to writing your essay.

  • Use Relevant Keyword

To get relevant content on the essay typer, use relevant additional keywords that are related to the piece. Besides the essay typer, you can pay someone to write my paper at an affordable price on any of the sites that provide essay writing service. This method will help the typer to search and bring more relevant results on your search. Keywords are the basic working principle of the essay typer.

  • Read The Suggested Result

After you might have gotten results from the essay typer, then read all results and write out relevant findings on your essay. You will be able to do better research in a short time. After you might have written out some contents, use the materials to produce your unique essay.

  • Write Your Essay

You don’t have to be bothered about the format and structure of the piece because the essay typer get your back. The essay typer automatically provides the correct form and structure for your essay. Students’ tension on essay structure and format is solved easily by the essay typer.

Essay writing can be time-consuming and stressful. You can hire a good essay writer on a websites that provide essay writing service for college students. Place your order on the site, select your writer, monitor your assignment, and the writer will deliver a high-quality essay for you in time.

  • I Prefer to Pay Someone to Write My Paper and Editing the Essay

Before I submit your article to the instructor for grading, I ascertain that I do manual proofreading of the essay. I pay someone to write my paper and read through the whole essay twice, or thrice. Look for grammatical errors, wrong spellings, and other mistakes in your essay and make necessary corrections on your essay.

Besides this, you can ask a friend or family member to have a second look at your essay. After they are done reading it, ask for their suggestions and recommendations on it. Also, you can hire an editor to make professional touches on your essay.

  • Check for Its Uniqueness

You must check for plagiarism before submitting your article because there is a high possibility of having a plagiarized theme. The essay typer uses other content to write your essay. So, use any available plagiarism checker to check your article. After you have your verified result, use the result to reconstruct the plagiarized portion of the essay.


Most college students spend a lot of time and stress on essay writing. But, with the essay typer, you will get your essay writing assignment done in a short time. Follow our above-suggested steps on how to use the essay typer to produce a unique, high-quality essay. Also, you can pay an expert to write a novel, high-quality essay for you at an affordable price. 

Analysis of Vocation and Calling

A vocation or a calling is a duty associated with serving people out of own will. This is different from general work that people do with expected gain in the end. There are several calls that an individual can be associated with based on their will power. Based on a Christian view or else, a religious view, there are people who choose to serve God throughout their lives. In the Bible, Jesus has his disciples serve him and not all chosen were able to follow him. In the world today, we have priesthood, Imams, Bishops etc who work in ministries spreading the message of salvation to people. Such acts can be described as vocation (Dik, Duffy, 2009).

The difference between vocation and work is based on what makes you different. Vocation is meant to bring personal satisfaction in doing well for people. A secular definition of vocation that we hear on a daily basis is career.  A career is a path a person chooses to follow. This makes it more of a choice that one can decide to does or not. In all circumstances vocation is never abandoned thus making it a calling. The main difference between a career and a calling is the expected gain. People choose careers because they feel they can be good at them and gain from the profession.

My study will focus on how viable I am to doing vocation work based on a study questionnaire. Previous studies on relationship between career and calling among college students show that the two are positively correlated. The choice of a certain career is almost dependent on the calling of the individual. This is determined by how they view the world in general. It is true to say that those that tend to respond more to their calling are likely to perform better in their careers. A calling will also lead to more satisfaction in people’s lives hence peaceful living.

The study focuses on several factors that determine how close to a calling one can be. Religious individuals were found to be more relevant in the aspect of searching for their calling as well as following one unlike those who are passively religious.  Race/ethnicity, sex of participants and year in college was used as a factor to consider when viewing the relevancy of a vocational calling. The questionnaire used a the Career Decision Self-Efficacy scale (CDSE-SF) to determine the career confidence levels. The higher the scores recorded, the higher the career self efficacy decision levels. 

Based on the results, the measures and scores were analyzed to round off errors and calculate the deviations. All factors were considered with those that had the calling being given the highest rank in the factors. The Calling and Vocation Questionnaire method was used to establish those who were not aware of a calling or a career difference. Based on sex, ethnicity, religious views and years in college, the results were then analyzed and tabulated for interpretation. In relation to the models used to fit the data, smaller fits produced better results indicating that the best four sub-scales to be used in determining whether one was guided by a calling were Presence-Transcendent Summons, Presence-Purposeful Work and Presence-Prosocial Orientation and Search-Transcendent Summons, Search-Purposeful Work, Search-Prosocial Orientation that indicated a search for the calling.

The findings indicated that the turn out for women was higher than that of men. From the analysis, it was concluded that women are more inclined to a calling than a career. Men however care so much about their career as it gives them the pride and ego of a man. Ethnic backgrounds did not produce significant differences in the search or presence of calling thus no major conclusion can be made from that. Year of college did not record significant deviation either. This can be ruled out by the fact that most college going individuals are mature to know their need s in either career or vocational training.

The BSC scale that measures the presence or search of a calling indicated that the two are correlated. Those in search of a calling are likely to discover it through career strategies and talks that guide them on their future career choices. This brings the search to a closer view as those that already feel the presence of the calling. The Wrzesniewski calling paragraph (Wrzesniewski, 2003) is used to determine how much a character can best define the reality of a person based on their actions. This rated the extent at which the person was related to a calling or a career.

The work hope theory was a scale used to determine the extent of work hope in diverse populations. This hope can be based on the people’s hope in a certain vocation or professional. The meaning in life questionnaire was also used to determine how much meaning people found in whatever they were involved in. the higher the score in the MLQ, the higher the presence of a calling. With all factors considered, a gauge on my own volatility of whether am career or vocational oriented was also analyzed from the scales used. The CVQ also provided all the individuals with a way of examining their flexibility level of their calling at a given level.

On a daily basis, students are often faced with the challenge of whether to choose a career path or follow their calling. There are factors that can be attributed to the dilemma faced in such situations such as need to make their parents proud, fear of being ridiculed, peer pressure as well as societal views on some career paths.  Besides the factors that the scales used to determine the search, presence or absence of a calling, the society has some say to what path many students take.

From the Calling Vocation Questionnaire, most of my scores lie in the gap of Search –Purposeful work. This means that, I may not have discovered my calling but my career aims to benefit the society with the hope of finding meaning to what I am required to do. I may not believe to have been called to do so but as long as I find some purpose in doing it, then I will pursue the career. Being a male student, I feel more inclined to career and professionalism rather than vocation. My career aspiration and the need to succeed is the drive that makes me strive for success rather than satisfaction.

In addition to the above, the Brief Calling Scale classifies me as one that is in search of their calling or purpose in line with the career path. This then summarizes the fact that I belong less to vocation and more to career. I can safely conclude that my capability of doing vocational work to the fullest is minimized by the fact that I still have not found my calling. Human services require a dedicated human called to serve rather than own personal gains. The best imitation of people working to serve are those that preach, teach or heal since their work is more involving that what they get based on their career. It is important to consider a career that goes hand in hand with a calling for personal gain and satisfaction.