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Top 5 Things to Know Before Using a Random Topic Generator

Do you have an essay assignment but lack the idea of what the topic to handle? Well, you are not alone with this problem. Even those people who see themselves as the best essay writers go through the same hassle to settle on what issue to discuss.

Fortunately, we live in the digital era, and we have free access to online tools known as topic generators. With a random topic generator, you can create a topic for your story in the shortest time possible.

How to Come up with a Good Essay Topic

Before you arrive at a topic, you should create a list of options to choose from. Yep, to complete an assignment successfully, it’s not enough to come up with the one idea only. You should have a few options to consider, so you will be able to pick the best one possible. To create a list of topics, do the following:

  1. Brainstorm ideas. Sit in a peaceful place and write any ideas that come to your mind.
  2. Make a list of keywords. Try to analyze the keywords that are relevant to your short article, self essay, controversial novel, or whatever you are writing.
  3. Use a topic generator. Look through suggested titles and pick the most suitable one.

How Does a Random Topic Generator Work?

First things first, let’s clarify what topic generators are all about. A topic creator is a tool that assists college students, bloggers, and aspiring writers in finding a good theme to discuss.

Here is how it works. The user makes a request – enters the keywords, chooses the settings, and clicks the button “Generate”. The system processes the request – the web robot checks the Google, blogs like HubSpot, and the website’s databases to find the relevant topics. The system delivers the final result – provides the user with a list of ready-to-use essay titles.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that there are two types of generators. Generators of the first type provide random topics. Generators of the second type provide topics based on the keywords given. If you have no idea what to write about, try to use a random topic generator. If you have some keywords in your mind, utilize the generators of the second type.

Screenshot of the Questia topic idea generator

It’s an excellent point to start research on multiple topics. Instead of overloading your brain with tons of information, you can generate ideas automatically. It’s a great way to facilitate the process of essay writing and boost productivity.

Using a Topic Generator

Most essay topic generators have a simple, user-friendly interface. And even if you have never used automatic generators before, you will quickly figure out how they work.

Whether you are looking for a topic for a presentation, dissertation, brochure, persuasive speech, or narrative essay, the algorithm remains the same. You just need to type a keyword in the search bar, customize the settings, and click one button.

The search box will highlight the listing of suggested topics. Your task is to review the available options and choose the best one. That’s all.

Now let’s take a closer look at the following auto tools that may help you with topic generation:

Scamfighter Random Topic Generator

This tool allows choosing one of three modes: “Student mode”, “Sarcastic mode”, or “Cat mode”. The first one will help you to generate topics that you can use for your argumentative, informative, descriptive, commentary, and freestyle essays. Other two modes you can use to create funny titles just to entertain yourself. It’s worth mentioning that Scamfighter Random Topic Generator doesn’t allow entering the keyword and provides random topics only.

If you want to generate a topic using a specific keyword, try this new tool. Pick a suitable “Topic type” and “Subject Area”, and you will get a list of 25 relevant essay titles.

Free Topic & Title Essay Generator by

This tool is similar to the previous one. The only difference is that using this topic sentence generator you should also mention your academic level.

Essay Topic Generator By EduBirdie

To use this tool, enter your search word and select the category: philosophy, linguistics, religious studies, etc. Click the search button, and you will get a list of twenty relevant topics.

Topic Generator by Custom Writing

This generator chooses topics randomly. You should select the type of assignment and the subject, and the system will offer you three themes to choose from.

Topic Finder by Questia

This effective tool will help you to find a great topic not only for essay, but also for a book, poem, blog post, or even rap song. You need to enter your keyword, and the system will do the rest.

A CS Research Topic Generator by Purdue University

If you struggle to come up with the master’s thesis topic, visit this website, and follow the instruction given. You will be amazed by the result.

Screenshot of Purdue random topic generator

Vital Things You Need to Know about Topic Generators for Essays

Even with the above discussion, as Americans say, “You need to have the knowledge that makes you unfit to be a slave.” You, therefore, need to know the advantages and the limitations that come with using such tools or related items.

Generally speaking, the pros and cons of using such services are similar to those for any automatic essay writer. They all stem from their machine nature. It means that these tools work fast and can spear you a lot of time but lack individuality. Besides, you risk getting content that someone already used because all such generators use online publications to produce topic ideas. But let’s take a closer look at positive and negative aspects.

Advantages of an Essay Topic Generator

  • It saves time. How much time do you usually spend on coming up with an essay topic idea? A half an hour, or maybe a few hours? If you use a topic generator, you will create a topic literally in a minute or two.
  • It provides you with ready-to-use solutions. Whether you write a paper about art, history, science, design, or comedy, you can rely on a generator. No matter what subject you are going to debate, this tool will always help you to come up with a winning topic.
  • It inspires you. You may consider the suggested titles as inspiring examples. For instance, if you write a PhD research paper, you can use a generator to select a broad topic. And then, you can modify it in the way you like to create an ideal narrow topic.

Disadvantages of an Essay Topic Generator

  • Regular usage of topic generators may suppress your creativity. Naturally, it’s much easier to generate a topic utilizing online tools than to use your imagination. For this reason, many students start utilizing generators daily and stop developing their creative skills.
  • It may distract you. If you are a picky person, or perfectionist, it’s highly likely that the desire to find an “ideal” topic will force you to click “Generate” button hundreds of times. In this case, this tool will not help to save your time but waste it.

Screenshot of Portent topic idea generating tool

What Makes a Good Topic for Writing, i.e., Essay and Assignment?

The topic is always the icebreaker to any conversation. And when you use a writing topic generator you should keep the following in mind:

  • A good topic is explanatory. It should fully represent your content and allow the reader to make sense of everything you are talking about.
  • A good topic answers a question. So try to come up with a heading that addresses the specific concerns of your audience.
  • A good topic has a trajectory. Most journalists call it an angle. As you know, it’s possible to present the findings of the research in different ways. And you should choose the right topic to make sure that your audience will understand your point of view and your perspective.
  • A good topic is engaging. It grabs the audience’s attention immediately. Also, it encourages readers to read the entire paper.
  • A good topic simplifies the essay writing process. It guides you and helps to structure the text.

In conclusion

The above gives you in-depth information on what you need to know about random topic generators. However, it’s worth mentioning that while these tools seem to be extremely helpful, they can’t substitute professional writing services.

If it’s challenging for you to come up with a brilliant topic and complete your school assignment, it’s better to get help from the experts in the field. You can order custom essay online to be sure that both the title and content of your paper will be just perfect.